by Federico Garcia Lorca

Directed, Produced and Translated by
Odalys Nanin

Adapted by Adelina Anthony and Odalys Nanin

Passion, Lust and Revenge! A Lesbian Interpretation
of one of the most celebrated Spanish classical plays
of the 20th Century.

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Adelina Anthony - Bride
Odalys Nanin - Leonardo

Venue: The Ventura Court Theatre

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"CRITIC'S PICK" by Les Spindle

The tragic tale of a socially forbidden romance is presented as a clandestine lesbian affair, which proves to be amazingly in sync with the play's subtext. Nanin's production is as intellectually stimulating as it is passionate and poetic. As the stately, domineering Leonardo, Nanin cuts an imposing figure, while the superb Anthony imbues the character of the reluctant bride with a full range of emotions.

Los Angeles Daily News
by Julio Martinez

"The driving force of this work is the tangible ardor between Nanin's Leonardo and Anthony's Bride.

by Quentin Dunne

" To burn with passion and keep quite about it is the cruelest punishment we can inflict on ourselves," exclaims the sensual, enigmatic Leonardo to his young lover midway through Lorca's "Blood Wedding." This statement encapsulates the plays central theme. In addition to playing Leonardo Nanin directs the rest of the cast with a steady and strong hand. To watch this play is to watch something that comes alive before us, that sings and dances with the courage of it's convictions.


Adelina Anthony

The Bride

Irene De Bari The Mother
Ariela Henri-Marin The Younger Girl
Jade Hykush The Father
Jossara Jinaro The Wife
Pete Leal The Servant
Lejla Moon-Death
Sue Ozeran The Neighbor
Odalys Nanin Leonardo
Laura Vega The Groom








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