by Mario Vargas Llosa

Translated by Joanne Poottlitzer

Directed and Produced by Odalys Nanin

A Game between reality and fantasy where
all the taboos are shattered.

Ms. Nanin received Three Drama-Logue Theatre Awards
for Direction, Production and Performance.

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Marisol - Meche
Odalys Nanin - La Chunga

: The Hollywood Court Theatre

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"Critic's Pick" by Elias Stimac

Ms. Nanin embodies La Chunga with a somber melancholy. The woman is hardened, embittered,
yet not above taking pleasure in limited amounts.
Always at war, she rarely lets down her guard. Her
scenes blaze with fiery conviction. In any language however, the raw, visceral power of Ms. Nanin's production of Mario Vargas Llosa's piece will
resonate far beyond the hallowed walls in which
it is presented.


Odalys Nanin La Chunga
Marisol Meche
Efrain Figueroa Josefino
Danny Mora Mono
Alejandro de Hoyos Lituma
Enrique Morlett Jose







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